Artist statement

I paint botanical and landscape abstracts. Collaging - playing with forms and composition is at the heart of my practice. I mainly work in oil and ink. I love the unapologetic directness of ink and the physicality of oils. Finding inspiration in botanical gardens where every tree, plant and flower gets their particular care to grow and bloom, my work is an invitation to the viewer to find a nurturing environment. To settle there and to start growing and blooming into their most authentic life. And by doing so not only reviving and replenishing themselves but also to inspire others to step into the light.


Fran Polis

Fran Polis (1986, Barneveld, The Netherlands) is an artist and writer. Although she is currently living and working in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, she is planning to emigrate to Scotland at the earliest opportunity to start a gallery and artist library alongside her art and writing practice. Current projects that she’s working on are a series of large botanical abstracts in oil, an essay on why she wants to live in Scotland, a scifi story about time travel gone wrong, and preparing for her upcoming residencies at Pitlochry (UK, fall 2023) and Madeira (PT, spring 2024).







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